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About Us

Stonycreek Whitetails, LLC is based in Northern Somerset County which is located in South Western Pennsylvania atop the mountains of the Alleghenies. Our location gives way to a vast area on which many of our local friends and customers engage in the sport of hunting. As avid hunters and outdoorsman, we are always looking into the mysteries behind the white-tailed deer. In 1999 John Swank, prior owner of Stonycreek Whitetails, purchased his first deer and was immediately hooked. As his fawns grew into adults he started collecting the urine from the deer for a few friends and neighbors at their request. In just a few short years Stonycreek Whitetails grew to the point of shipping bottled deer scents all over the United States and Canada. In 2010, Rob and Angie Ditzler of Windber Pennsylvania took ownership of Stonycreek Whitetails and continued to build the business of distributing fresh deer scents to the many new and returning customers dedicated to the love of the outdoors and the sport of hunting. The 2014 season brings on new owner, Ken Landis of Cairnbrook Pa. to continue the tradition of providing fresh deer scents and quality customer satisfaction to our fellow hunters.

Stonycreek Whitetails, LLC success is contributed to the results hunters are having while using the Stonycreek Whitetails products- year after year.  Through word of mouth the positive success stories have passed from hunter to hunter in turn allowing our business to grow with each passing year.  We look forward to another successful season for not only ourselves, but especially everyone out there using our products as we truly believe we have the best products on the market today!

Stonycreek Whitetails simply started out by collecting scents with a bucket! Following tame deer around, collecting the urine as the deer urinated. Today, the collection facility is designed to insure fresh and clean deer urine without the contamination of quality destroying feces and bacteria, which in turn, ensures longer shelf life, fresher products and more success for our valued customers!

Stonycreek Whitetails, LLC also insures the deer scents are kept fresh and cool until they arrive at your door by including an adequate number of reusable ice packs with each shipment. We strive to insure the scents arrive cool and as fresh as the day they are collected. In most cases, customers will have their scents  fresh from our deer to your door® in as early as 48-72 hours from the time they are collected, processed and shipped.  Now that’s FRESHNESS you cannot get anywhere else!

Stonycreek Whitetails, LLC believes in one thing- IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT BEING THE HUNTER, IT’S MORE ABOUT BECOMING THE HUNTED!!

Try some of Stonycreek Whitetails, LLC deer scent products and you will see for yourself that you will BECOME THE HUNTED!!  Please Email Us with A picture of Yourself with your Harvest so we can add to Our Website And our Facebook Page,  Thank you, And Good Luck to you All.