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We chatted on the telephone for a few minutes earlier this month when I placed an order for delivery in November. I told you about the deer that came to my stand from at least 200 yards away.  While en-route this guy passed right through my brothers shooting lanes and stepped right over his scent bombs which contained Code Blue Standing Estrous!  Never slowing down, he never paid attention to the attempts at stopping him with a bleat call.  At 8:35am he arrived in my shooting lanes with his nose high in the air and looking all around.  When he spotted the decoy and stepped into the open I took him with my Excalibur crossbow. He dropped on the spot.  Since it was still early and fairly cold I decided to wait in the stand a little while longer with that second deer tag burning a hole in my pocket.  35 minutes later I dropped the second buck of the day when he came to investigate the scent bombs that I had placed.  About a half hour after I took the second deer I heard by brothers Excalibur crossbow launch an arrow.  I believe that he told me he shot it on the move, heading toward my stand.  I have attached a photo of our three deer, all taken with 95 minutes and all taken with help from your scents.  By the way, I did share the secret and the scent for the next days hunt.  My brother missed an opportunity on a huge 10 pointer who had his nose shoved in the scent bomb containing the secret weapon.

This year we are splitting three  value packs and the results will be shared with you again. 
This has become too much fun with Stoney Creek scents at our disposal.

Mike Strawn
Oklahoma / 2012

I've been archery hunting for almost 40 years. I've always liked using scents and I've tried just about all of them. While I have had success with other scents, the results I've seen with Stonycreek Whitetails TotalDraw have been remarkable.

The buck in the photo was taken the beginning of the fourth week just two days after purchasing TotalDraw for the first time. Not really expecting great results this early I decided to give it a try anyway.

 I put some on a drag rag and walked to my stand, putting the rag 15 yards in the front left of me after walking in from behind the stand. About 9:00 am I got an apple out of my pack, took one bite and looked down to my left to see this buck on my drag trail...looking straight at me. He had me busted. He ran back a little ways and stopped, putting his nose back to the trail I had left. He walked back to my stand, never once taking his eyes off me- sticking his nose toward my rag. Again, he spooked, running off a little ways only to do it all over again. He did this 5 times, each time coming back more in line with the rag but still always looking straight at me. Each time he came back he seemed more excited to get to the rag.

 The last time he stood facing me, behind the rag- still looking at me. But this time he actually started to lip curl trying to get as much of the scent that he could. Finally he just couldn't take it anymore, turned his eyes off of me and turned to the rag. Like they say, the rest is history.

 I really, really believe that without the use of TotalDraw he would have been out of there the very first time and I really credit TotalDraw with my success on this buck! Great stuff!!

Dave / 2012